If You Have a Car, Here What to Check Regularly By Yourself
Riding a car through your off day, enjoying the fresh air and a little adrenaline rush is always a great experience. However, it is impossible without a car that actually is in its peak condition. It doesn’t matter what your car brand is, it can be BMW, or Ducati, you need to check these regularly:
• The Tires
Your tire is the very part of your car that contact the ground. If is under inflated, it affects breaking and control. If it is over inflated, it affects your balance. There is no excuse for sloppy work with tires. Especially in cold weather, check the pressure prior riding. While it makes sure it grips the ground right, you also need it to be in balance.

• The Chain Tension
Each car is different, so you need to stay as the manual says. Check the tension while the driver is on the set, as the chain is often tighten in this condition. Regular cleaning and lubricating is also needed.

• The Battery
You need to check on the acid level of your battery. First, remove it from the terminal. Second, lay it on a flat surface. Third, if everything is great, grease the terminal. Fourth, put it back on. Remember to wear gloves to prevent contact with the acidic elements, and don’t touch both terminals all at once.

• The Oil Level
You need to keep the oil level as recommended. It doesn’t matter if you only ride it for a short track in the last 20 months. You need to make sure that the oil level is exactly on the right level, not under. It keeps your car machine in balance, and it makes sure there is no malfunction in the system. It

• The Grease
Any car will benefit from applied grease on several areas. You need to greases several parts including some of the cables, locks, levers, most of the hinges, and foot rests. However, it is important to leave the brake discs out for this, as grease reduces its effectiveness. Knowing where to grease will be necessary if you plan to do this by yourself.

It isn’t actually a lot of hard work to maintain your car regularly. If you know how to do it, it is always a personal satisfaction to do it yourself. However if you want professional opinion, it is always wise to take it to the local dealer.

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