Can buying insurance make you happy? At the very least it shouldn’t be something that is frustrating, complicated, or time-consuming. 

At Cover, we’re reshaping the way insurance is sold. As a mobile-first insurance brokerage, we work with over 30 insurance companies across the U.S. to help our customers get the most out of their insurance. You can get an initial quote in minutes via our app in the App Store or Google Play. You can also get an auto quote on our website.

Since we launched, we’ve helped thousands of people find insurance happiness, whether it’s through the money we saved them, the time we gave them back, or just by our refreshing approach to insurance. 

Here’s what some of our customers have said about their experience buying insurance the Cover way:

‘Best Price! Best Customer Service!! Best App!!!’

I was little skeptical when I first saw the ad about cover insurance. Nevertheless, I was curious enough to try it out. I sent an insurance request for my car and to my surprise they were pretty quick in responding. They were really patient in getting my details and coverage requirements and finally I get to save $60 per month with same coverage!! That’s $720 per year!!A big thumbs up to Cole who was helping me getting this price. I regret for not knowing about this insurance early!! The app is very user friendly and easy to use!!   (Link)

‘So easy and helpful’

I used to hate insurance agents to contact me because it was always just a sales pitch try to get me to sign up but this App cut out all that talking and went straight with providing me a quote. The agent texted me to confirm if I’m available for call first before calling which is a big plus. During the call, he answered all of my questions and provided me a very compatible rate vs. my previous insurance company. Over all 5/5.  

‘Great App!!!!’

I was told about this app by my son. He’d had so much trouble trying to get insurance through traditional routes. He found this app and he was amazed at how easy it was. He turned me on to it and told me how quick and easy it’d be for me as well. Skeptical, I proceeded to give it a try and man am I glad I did!! From the very first phone call Nestor was amazing. He answered all of my questions and gave me the very best rate possible!! I’d say it’s worth the time to at least see what Cover can do for you. They are saving us almost $200 a month. Thank you Nestor and thank you Cover!!! 

‘Super helpful and super convenient’

Cole was really great at helping me set up my auto insurance and the policy I have is the least expensive policy I’ve gotten quotes on. I really liked their follow up and engagement and how non pushy or salesman like it felt to be on a call with him. Super professional and if you barely have chance to go “shopping “ for insurance this is for you. I just want it done and the best rate. No whistles and bells and Cole was able to do that for me with great service! 

‘A nice change’

My insurance went up quite a bit after an accident the day after Christmas, so I started looking around for something better. I found Cover and they found a rare for about $20 less than what I was originally paying with my previous agent. So far great customer service as well, response time is great.  

Cover – Insurance, but simple.

We designed the Cover app to make it easier to get insurance. You can get a quote in three minutes by downloading the app, answering a few brief questions, then arranging things via SMS with one of our agents.

Our app does the searching for you, looking at policies from over 30 different providers and sending the quote straight to your phone.

Because the app searches to find the best policies from a wide range of providers Cover can search to find you a cheaper rate for your insurance. Some customers tell us they have saved over $100 per month on their car insurance premiums thanks to Cover.

Our aim at Cover is to give you the best possible experience when buying insurance.

That doesn’t just mean building an app to make buying insurance as easy as possible. It isn’t just about searching for the absolute best rates we can get for you. It’s also about providing best-in class customer service from start to finish.

Cover is effectively your insurance broker and trusted advisor. We represent you, the customer.

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